Park Stay and Go

Are you aware of the advantages of booking a hotel with long stay car parking the night before a flight? Let us assume that you are visiting Gatwick for a business trip and want to view the tourist locales during the period when the conference has not yet begun. Driving to the city in your car does not make sense because of the petrol costs involved. Your best option is such a scenario is to search online for car rental companies in Gatwick, and select a company, which offers you the best bargain for your money. These companies typically charge you rental charges per day and provide you with a full tank of petrol or diesel, depending on the make of the car. It is your onus to refill the vehicle with fuel once the provided volume is exhausted. Most such companies also charge an extra amount if you hand over the car to them at some different location. However, the costs they charge are quite less if the pick up and deposit locale is the same. Once you book the car online, you need to mention from where you will pick it up. In this case, you will choose Gatwick Airport.

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Making the most of your rented vehicle

Once you have confirmed the booking and have paid the amount due, the company will provide you with details about the car along with the mobile number of their contact person. Once you land at the airport, contact the car rental company's contact person, meet them, and show them your identity along with your driver's license to receive the keys of the car. You can now drive the car to the hotel where the meeting will take place. However, be prepared for a nasty surprise if the hotel does not have a parking deal. In such a scenario, you will have to pay more to park your rented vehicle at some other place. Consider yourself unfortunate if there is no parking space in close proximity to the hotel. You might burn a lot of fuel in taking the car to the parking space and walk back to the hotel. In order to avoid such hassles, you should always book accommodation in cheap gatwick hotels with parking deals. A quick search of the internet will allow you to find details of many such hotels that are close to the airport and have parking space in which you can park your rented vehicle.