Serenity Bed and Breakfast Inn - Reservations - Wichita, KS
"Wichita's Finest Bed and Breakfast" - 1018 North Market St, Wichita, KS  67214
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Reservation Requests:
There are three ways to make a reservation at Serenity Bed & Breakfast Inn...
(a) use the on-line electronic reservation system on our website (the underlined link in ALL CAPITALS just below),
(b) by phone (316) 266 - 4666.
(c) e-mail your reservation request to the Inn

(Our preference is to do the reservation by phone to make sure that everything about your reservation is as you want). 
If the room and dates you want are available, we'll receive an automatic booking that goes directly into our reservation book.  Reservations that you see in the reservation system are 100% accurate and up to date.   
Check-in and Check-out Times:
Check-in time at Serenity B&B is between 5:00pm and 6:00pm - every day.  We at the B&B assume that all Guests will check in between 5:00pm and 6:00pm, so we do not normally ask when you will arrive.  We are happy to check Guests in after 6:00pm and up until 2:00am, however if you plan to arrive at the B&B between 6:00pm and 2:00am, please note this when making your reservation.  We understand that people may be traveling and may have delays or changes to your arrival time.   If so, please simply inform us if your arrival time is going to be substantially outside of your expected time (more than 30 minutes before or after).  We prefer to have all Guests checked in by 10:00pm, but this is not always possible, so don't hesitate to book simply because your arrival time might be between 10:00pm or later. 

An early check-in time may be requested at any time, for example when making a reservation or (should plans change) after the reservation has been made (but the B&B does not accept schedule changes on the day of your reservation).  An early check-in allows your party to check in 4 hours earlier than normal (1:00pm vs. 5:00pm).  The charge for an early check-in is $25.  The 1-hour check-in window for evening check-ins is shorter for early check-ins.  An early check-in requires that you check-in between 1:00pm and 1:30pm (half-hour window).  If you do not expect to check-in between 1:00pm - 1:30 on an early check-in and think it will be later (say 2:00pm or 2:30), this is perfectly fine, but simply let us know your expected check-in time before the day of your reservation.  Unless the Guest requests an alternative check-in time on an early check-in we will assume that the party will arrive between 1:00pm and 1:30pm.  If not checked in by 1:30pm, the B&B cannot guarantee that someone will be present to check you in again until 5:00pm and the $25 charge for an early check-in will still apply to your reservation.  Later check-ins (after 6:00pm) are welcome upon request, but not on the day of the reservation.  The B&B does not check Guests in after 1:00am.  The B&B does not prorate early check-in times . . . for example a 2:00pm check-in for $15, a 3:00pm check-in for $10 or a 4:00pm check-in time for $5. 

While all of this may sound like a bunch of garbally gook, if any questions about when to check in, feel free to talk to us and keep us posted if travel plans change and prevent you from checking in during regular check-in times.  To recap, Guests should plan to check in between 5:00pm - 6:00pm unless otherwise stated.  The B&B cannot guarantee that someone will always be present to check Guests in outside the regular check-in time of 5:00pm - 6:00pm if no other check-in arrangements have been made.  Also we generally are not ready to open the doors for that night until 5:00pm so if Guests happen to arrive earlier than that (4:45p) we might have them wait on the front porch until 5:00pm.  
Please do not e-mail early check-in requests . . .  we request that those be called in at (316) 266 - 4666.  Also please do not cancel or change an arrival time via e-mail.  Those should be called in as well.

Reservations made over the on-line reservation system (and then cancelled) are not subject to a cancellation charge,  however reservations taken over the phone and then cancelled are subject to a 15% cancellation charge (15% of the amount of the reservation total).

To Confirm a Reservation:
Your reservation is confirmed when a valid credit or debit card accompanies your reservation request (whether by phone or using the on-line reservation method).  Instead of a credit card, you may also pre-pay for your stay with a cash deposit (deposit refundable at check-out).  At the time a reservation is booked with a card, Serenity B&B pre-authorizes on the card the approximate amount of your reservation to hold that amount available in case you choose to charge your stay to your card.  This pre-authorization could reduce the available balance on the card because that pre-authorization amount is being "held".  If you decide not to charge your stay to the credit or debit card, Serenity Bed and Breakfast Inn will cancel out the pre-authorization at the time some other payment is received or if the reservation is simply cancelled. **
Reserving the Entire Inn:
Serenity Bed & Breakfast Inn is availble for rental for groups, family reunions, corporate retreats, wedding parties and other special events.  Please call 1 - 620 - 221 - 7787 to receive a Special Event Rental Contract and details including pricing. Click this link to download the Special Event Contract, but please call for pricing (pardon our work, but form not yet click-able).  Outside groups are welcome to bring in their own food if they wish (an outside vendor surcharge will apply) or Serenity will be happy to provide food arrangements for groups. **
Reservation Cancellations:
Once confirmed, a reservation may be cancelled without charge with 2-day advance notice.  Reservations made within 2-days of the reservation date are not able to be cancelled, however reservations may be transferred to someone else.  Within the 2-day time, we may receive reservations to book over your existing reservation.  When cancelling a reservation within the 2-day time frame, we will ask you if you want us to attempt to book over your reservation.  If we can re-book or book over your reservation, we will do that and release you from the portion of your reservation that we re-booked (in part or in full).  Generally speaking reservations are not subject to free cancellation within 2 days of your stay, but it's best to call (620) 221 - 7787 and see what options there may be. **
Payment Terms & Details:
Serenity B&B accepts, cash, local checks, travelers checks, money orders, debit cards and VISA and MasterCard credit and debit cards for payment.  Cash is our preference.  Currently not accepting Discover or AmEx for payment.  Effective January 1, 2012, Serenity B&B will add 5% to defray processing expenses to a room bill when paying via credit or debit card.   In-state checks are also gladly accepted, but please be aware that it is the B&B's policy to add 5% to checks to help defray losses from checks.  A $35 charge will be incurred for returned checks.
Special Request Reservations:
Serenity Bed and Breakfast Inn is experienced and committed to making sure that persons with special needs can get around and use all portions of the Bed and Breakfast comfortably and conveniently.  If you might have difficulty with certain aspects of the Bed & Breakfast, please call us (1 - 620 - 221 - 7787) in advance and we'll make sure your stay is independent & enjoyable! **
"A beautiful place with very friendly people.  Thank you, Serenity B&B, for a truly enjoyable stay.  We had a great time!" Joyce D.; Springfield, Missouri
** - Creating a reservation constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions on this "Reservations" page and acknowledges that the person making the reservation has read and agreed to these terms and conditions.